Millwork Division

Smart Security

At Kwikset, we think people shouldn't have to settle when it comes to home security. Technology can deliver both quality and convenience in door lock hardware. And the strongest insights come from understanding the people who use it.

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Thoughtful innovation

From doorknobs to locks and hardware, you'll find something to complement your home's unique style.

Style lives in the details. Make every choice count with sophisticated accessories that are built to last.

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Better Home Products was founded in 1994 to focus on supplying our own brand of decorative and functional

hardware products to the residential and multifamily new-construction industry.

Our product focus is in three primary categories: Locksets, Bathroom Accessories and Misc. Door and Closet Hardware items.

Most of our products fall into the price range of entry level to midrange in cost.

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Emtek is dedicated to helping bring your personal style to life.

Door hardware is more than a way to open, close, and secure

a space. To us, it is an integral part of a room’s design theme. Each order is custom assembled in our Southern California facility. There is no predetermined combination of knobs, levers, rosettes and finishes; we let you mix and match according to your own taste. Door hardware should make a statement, your statement.

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Beauty Inside & Out

Baldwin has ranked first in quality by architects, designers,

and builders for decades. Our expertise is so well regarded

that our competitors have purchased our locks and latches

over the years and continue to do so.

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