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Contact Information


General Manager Patrick Finnerty 609.646.0950 x142
Controller Bob Watts 609.646.0950 x124
Corporate Credit Manager Beth Finnerty 609.646.1417 x123
Accounts Receivable Beth Finnerty 609.646.1417 x123
Accounts Payable Vicki DelMonte 609.646.0950 x126
Director of Purchasing Alan Dill 609.646.0950 x130
Purchasing David Philippi 609.646.0950 x132
Human Resources Joe Bolona 609.646.1417 x133
Cabinet Division Director Beth Finnerty 609.646.1417 x123
Web, Network and Computer Support Harland Edge 609.646.0950 x140
Pleasantville Anthony Sarao 609.646.0950 x131
Tri County Millwork David T. Ford 609.383.0002 x401
Magnolia Ave CMCH Bill Hawk 609.465.5021 x501
Stites Ave CMCH Gary Rousseau 609.465.7839 x201
Island Kitchen and Bath by Tri County Stephanie Gross 609.494.5990 x165
Pleasantville Joe Cannizzo 609.646.0950 x127
Pleasantville Harland Edge 609.646.0950 x140
Office Manager Tom Hutchison 609.383.0002 x408
Andersen Coordinator Lou Solometo 609.383.0002 x403
Stair and Rail Coordinator Mervin Taylor Jr. 609.383.0002 x410
Sales Manager Mike Ewing 609.457.1399
Outside Salesman Bill Moore  
Outside Salesman Craig Carter  
Outside Salesman Hank Woerner  
Outside Salesman Bud Taylor  
Outside Salesman Nick Goodman  
Outside Salesman Steve Hunter  
Outside Salesman    
Outside Sales – Cabinets John Halbruner 609.517.4321
Outside Sales – Cabinets    
Cabinet Sales – Island Kitchen and Bath Stephanie Gross 609.494.5990 x165
Cabinet Sales – Island Kitchen and Bath Pattie Andrews 609.494.5990 x152


Corporate – 609-646-0950


1001 Doughty Road, Pleasantville, N.J.08232