Our Products



Joist and Beams

Engineered products offer predictable performance and are designed to work together. This means materials can be used more efficiently and still increase the quality of the structure.

When you need it!

Dimensional lumber, treated lumber, ply goods, glue, nails, hangers, bridging, whatever else you may need, we have it. Most items are stocked on the ground, ready for delivery. We can drop the load on your site or use one of our many Moffit forklifts to place it where you need it. Special orders are another area where we excel. Give us a call or stop in to discuss your project.

Delivery to roof

Shingles, felt paper, drip edge, flashing, starters, pipe collars, nails and just about anything else you’ll need for your new roof. We even have knuckle boom truck delivery up to your roof, of course, you must unload the material.


 Finish the inside

We use our boom trucks to deliver drywall and all the accessories you’ll need to complete the job. We also have metal studs, insulation, screws, corner bead (metal and plastic), joint compound and tape. That’s just a small list of what we stock. Give us a call for your drywall needs.

We deliver just about everything we sell. Boom trucks for drywall, knuckle booms for roof deliveries, flatbeds with forklifts to place the material where its needed. We also have a fleet of box trucks for enclosed deliveries. Even pick-up trucks for the small stuff. Call us for all your needs.







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